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Escape the dungeon using MDP wisely!

Image of Maria Da Princess
  • Marvin Seidel
  • Tugra Turna
  • Jona Waldow
  • Max Hiort
  • Noah Manuel Woller
  • Sofia Greten
  • Liam Hoang
  • Esra Cosgun
  • Servan-Cabbar Dogan
Markov Decision Processes
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A dungeon crawler based on markov decision processes. Rooms represent states and opening doors represent state changes. What’s behind the door depends on what magic 5-sided die you chose and what event occurs. All dice have the same sides but different probabilities. Some events get you farther than others, some hurt you! Escape before you’re out of moves!

An MDP is a discrete-time stochastic control process. It provides a framework for modeling decision making in situations where outcomes are partly random and partly under control of a decision maker. At each step, the process is in a state s, and any action a is chosen that’s available in s. The process responds by randomly moving into a new state s’.