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Together on a tricky logic adventure.

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  • Jon Schnäcker
  • Mai Duong
  • Erik Fischer
  • Sarah Lengfeld
  • Christina Lütjering
  • Kubilay Eren
  • Luca Monaco
  • Amira Hrustic
Event Structures
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‘The Tales of Logic’ is a riddle adventure game. The game is played as duo multiplayer to explore the world together. You can meet dangerous bandits trying to kill you as well as people who need your help. Every riddle you solve influences the game and following riddles that you may try to solve so be careful of your choices.

Event structures are formal models consisting of a finite set of atomic, non-repeatable events, causal relationships of dependency and a rule-based formalism. Events can add or delete dependencies (Dynamic-Causality Event Structures). Solving various puzzles or failing them has an impact on later options.