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Puzzle game based on two-dimensional chomsky grammars.

Image of Chomsky Crush
  • Laura Keller
  • Claudia Tulasch
  • Louisa Nau
  • Sven Hoferichter
  • Nicolas Kleinholz
  • Tim Winkler
  • Gustavo Eggert Martinez
  • Melissa Altin
Formal Grammars
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You start with an 8x8 word consisting of sheep. To change or shorten this word, you have to use a set of production rules given per level. The goal of each level is different and you can achieve them by letting sheep interact with each other. Reach the goals with as few moves as possible and a lot of points!

The Chomsky hierarchy consists of four types of formal grammars. The three level are build upon these types. Level 1 and 3 are recursively enumerable with the production rules of tap, swap and mix. Level 2 is context-sensitive with the only production rule of evaluating two sheeps to two sheeps of another color.